Hiring an ensemble

As the name of our foundation reveals, we strive to provide talented musicians to gain experience on stage. We do not only do this for soloists but also in the form of ensembles (small music groups).

You can hire an ensemble for performances at all sorts of events, such as a string quartet at a wedding ceremony or a violin and piano duet during a diner of conference. Our ensembles mostly consist of young people – conservatory students and advanced amateur musicians – who play in orchestras and ensembles with great pleasure.

We can offer fixed ensembles, such as a piano quintet, a string quartet, a piano duet or a violin and piano duet, maar we also consider requests for other combinations.

Contact us at info@talentoppodiumorkest.nl for more information, including costs.



Participating in an ensemble  If you would like to participate in an ensemble, i.e., in general or in any specific combination, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@talentoppodiumorkest.nl! Please mention the contact list. When we form an ensemble and are looking for enthusiastic musicians, we keep you updated!